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Otome x Ranbu Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of the series Otome x Ranbu. Thanks to Kid and the rest of the team for the diligent work on this very difficult edit. Make sure you guys thank her, she deserves it!  Please enjoy the chapter and look forward … Continue reading

Otome x Ranbu Chapter 3

Here’s the third chapter of Otome x Ranbu! Please enjoy the release and look forward to more going on from us in the near future. We’re doing our very best for you! Download/Read Online By: Youko Imamura

Otome X Ranbu Chapter 2

nokternl speaking. We have another release for our dear readers from a series that hasn’t showed up for a while in our releases. It’s none other than Otome X Ranbu Chapter 2. It’s a good read since there is some … Continue reading

Otome x Ranbu Chapter 1

Two new series in one night? You go Kawaii! Thanks to everyone who was a part of this release. It’s a mysterious new series that is currently running in ARIA monthly. It’s about monsters, possessed swords, high school and last … Continue reading