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Twin Cake Chapter 4

Here’s chapter 4 of the super kawaii (as always with Aoi Hana!) series Twin Cake! Please enjoy it and be on the lookout for more releases from us in the future. We’re still hard at work on everything and plan … Continue reading

Twin Cake Chapter 3

Release time, at long last! Receiving a lot of emails and comments concerning us having dropped a series. Please don’t worry. We haven’t dropped anything we’re working on except Poor Poor Lips. There’s no set order in which we work … Continue reading

Twin Cake Chapter 2

Time for the second chapter from our newest Aoi Hana series. Please enjoy it and thank the team for their hard work! We’ve got lots of stuff coming your way very soon. Download/Read Online By: Aoi Hana

Twin Cake Chapter 1

Another day and another new series! If you followed Shoujo Holic and liked it, you’ll love this one. This is another series by Aoi Hana, hopefully every bit as good as the last! Chapter 2 is already in QC. Please … Continue reading