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Sweet Guilty Love Bites: Love Bites

After what seems like forever… we’re finally able to bring you the final chapter of Sweet Guilty Love Bites! After numerous delays and a bunch of setbacks we’ve finished it! This was definitely what I would call a “collective effort” … Continue reading

Sweet Guilty Love Bites: Guilty Love

nokternl speaking. Alright, we have another release for you. This time it’s from the series… well you can read the title for yourself as it’s a mouthful to say. lol. Anyway, this is another cute chapter about a different hostess … Continue reading

Sweet Guilty Love Bites: Sweet Guilty

At long last… Sweet Guilty. It’s the first part of a three part story by Shuninta Amano. The series follows 4 hostesses at Club Rose and their relationships. It’s directed more towards an adult audience but manages to sneak in … Continue reading

Sweet Guilty Love Bites

This is just an announcement. We’ll officially be picking “Sweet Guilty Love Bites” by Shuninta Amano up. AudioErotica will be providing scans for the series. A new friend, Ma-chan, will be doing the translations for us. Expect frequent updates on … Continue reading