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Shoujo Holic Chapter 7 [END]

Okay, so I’m still in the Christmas spirit! Here’s another release that everyone has been waiting on. The final chapter of Shoujo Holic! I’m sure you’re just as sad as I am to see it end, but don’t worry! We’re … Continue reading

Shoujo Holic Chapter 6

I hate to admit it but we’re rapidly approaching the ending of this series. But fear not! You have this fresh chapter and one more to go! Then we’ll begin work on Aoi Hana’s next series. I hope you enjoy … Continue reading

Shoujo Holic Chapter 5

Time for another release of Shoujo Holic… With only a few chapters left what’s going to happen this time? Hope everyone enjoys the release and please feel free to leave us a comment. We try to respond to each and … Continue reading

Shoujo Holic Chapter 4

Another release! I stated in a comment in another post that all these releases are proof of how hard the team worked in my absence. So everyone thank them for their efforts. Enjoy another kawaii chaper of Nagi and Yui … Continue reading

Shoujo Holic Chapter 3 [FIXED]

nokternl speaking. We have another release, for those of you following Shoujo Holic. In this enjoyable chapter, things are starting to change in Yui’s and Nagi’s friendship. I guess the question would be, “How is it changing?”. To find that out, read chapter 3 … Continue reading

Shoujo Holic Chapter 2

Time for the release of chapter 2! Really like the tone of this story thus far. I’ve gotten some odd comments about the artwork, I happen to enjoy it though! It’s very simple but at the same time enjoyable. Thanks … Continue reading

Shoujo Holic Chapter 1

Another new series and another new staff member to introduce. ^^ Loev_Jap is our newest translator and will be working with Shoujo Holic. In chapter 1, a girl’s father is relocated by his job. She’s recently found the “boy of … Continue reading