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Mousou Honey Omake

nokternl speaking. Here is our first post at our new home, Mousou Honey Omake. I’m going to keep this short, but expect more from us soon. Download/Read Online By: Mikuni Hajime

Mousou Honey Chapter 4 [Final]

At long last, the final chapter of Mousou Honey. Sadly it only lasted four chapters. I really had high hopes for this when I first got my hands on chapter 1. I’m anxiously awaiting Mikuni-sensei’s next yuri series and hope … Continue reading

Mousou Honey Chapter 3

Sorry for the long wait on chapter 3 of Mousou Honey! You can blame that one solely on me. I procrastinated on it for quite some time. But rest assured chapter 4 is already being edited. I already have 12 … Continue reading

Mousou Honey Chapter 2

Everybody worked really quickly to bring you another chapter of Mousou Honey since the response was so positive to chapter 1. Get ready for a huge surprise as the drama begins to grow! Please enjoy it and expect the next … Continue reading

Mousou Honey Chapter 1

Happy New Years! Here’s our newest series, from Yuri-Hime magazine. It’s from the same mangaka who did Gokujou Drops. We hope you enjoy it! Please thank Rei, our newest member of the team for the great translation. We hope you … Continue reading