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Rui-Rui Chapter 8

Here’s the first chapter of volume 2 of the fun series Rui-Rui. Nakedness inside! Please enjoy the release. Download/Read Online By: MAX

Rui-Rui Chapter 7

I know you waited what seemed like forever for this one! I’ll take the blame for that. Sorry everybody. The editing process went so very slow because of my hiatus and then I had so much piled up when I … Continue reading

Rui-Rui Chapter 6

nokternl speaking. Here’s something we haven’t seen in a while, Rui-Rui Chapter 6. Not a whole lot happened in this chapter, but it’s a good read, especially if you are keeping up with this series of and are enjoying it. … Continue reading

Rui-Rui Chapter 5

See how dedicated I am? I should have been in bed an hour ago! But instead I stayed up to make sure both things got released tonight! ;_; Honestly, thanks goes to the team that worked on this one. I … Continue reading

Rui-Rui Chapter 4

You thought Mana was perverted… wait until you meet the club advisor, Izami. You can really see the teacher/student bond between the two of them. X_X There’s also Kureha, and there’s only one word to describe her… cuuute! We’re still … Continue reading

Rui-Rui Chapter 3

Every group has an initiation process… but this one involves stripping. Plus you can’t forget about the upskirt camera action going on here. >.> Oh! and before I forget. I’d like to welcome two new staff members to the team, … Continue reading

Rui-Rui Chapter 2

Our first release of another new series of ours. It’s actually chapter 2, you can pick up chapter 1 elsewhere. I saw no reason in re-doing something that had already been released. I’m not sure how much we like abandoned … Continue reading