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Konohanatei Kitan Chapter 8 [END]

Here’s the last chapter of the beloved Konohanatei Kitan! Everyone please enjoy it and thanks so much to Kid for all the wonderful editing, Gummy for the majority of the translation and Rei for finishing up the final translations for … Continue reading

Konohanatei Kitan Chapter 7

See, I told you not to give up hope on us! We’re still working on some of our favorites… just at a much slower pace than the old days it would seem. Hehe… Everyone thank Rei-sama for taking over the … Continue reading

Konohanatei Kitan Chapter 6

No time for chatter tonight so here it is! Enjoy the release and look forward to more from us in the near future! Our team is plugging away and continuing to work on all the series! Download/Read Online By: Sakuya … Continue reading

Konohanatei Kitan Chapter 5

We have a lot of catching up to do, yuri community… So here’s our fourth release of the night. A big one and one of my favorites. It’s almost unbearably cute… So many fox girls… I absolutely love it and … Continue reading

Konohanatei Kitan Omake

nokternl speaking. Has it been a few days yet? lol. Anyway, here it the Omake release of┬áKonohanatei Kitan Omake as promised. I want to give everyone a fair warning about this release: IT MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS. If you don’t head … Continue reading

Konohanatei Kitan Chapter 4

  nokternl speaking. Hello again fellow readers, it is time for another Kawaii release! This time, we have our favorite fox girls to spend time with. Chapter 4 was different from the previous chapters, but we finally get to see … Continue reading

Konohanatei Kitan Chapter 3

First the conclusion of our favorite student council and now the continuation of our favorite little fox girls! Satsuki and Yuzu venture out on their “date” in this chapter. We get to see a bit about Satsuki’s past and a … Continue reading

Konohanatei Kitan Chapter 2

You thought you’d have to wait awhile, didn’t you? Wrong! Thanks to our fearless team this one is ready to go. The foxes are still squeetastically (I made this word up, don’t google it) cute. We get to meet Sakura-chan, … Continue reading

Konohanatei Kitan Chapter 1

Tonight we’ll be releasing the first chapter of a new series. I hope everybody enjoys it. A special thanks to the whole team involved with this one, they made it possible for me to merely supervise the release. I don’t … Continue reading