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Kanamemo Chapter 31

Kana-chan! We miss you! Time for another cute, quirky and super-fun chapter of Kanamemo. Please enjoy it and look forward to our future releases! Oh and don’t forget to crush on Kana/Mika… even if deep down inside you know it’s wrong! … Continue reading

Kanamemo Chapter 30

Another chapter of Kanamemo is ready for your viewing pleasure! Please enjoy the release and await some more. Maybe even tonight! I’m getting a lot of emails about dropping projects. Fear not, we’ve not dropped anything without an announcement. Meaning only … Continue reading

Kanamemo Chapter 29

Happy 100th Release Kawaii! We started the group with Kanamemo and it’s only fitting that our 100th release happens to be Kanamemo! We thank you for sticking it out with us through the years and we hope to bring you hundreds more … Continue reading

Kanamemo Chapter 28

Time for the final chapter of Volume 2! Please enjoy it and look forward to the beginning of Volume 3! We’re already hard at work on it. Download/Read Online By: Shouko Iwami

Kanamemo Chapter 27

My favorite kind of Kanamemo chapter! It’s all Kana X Mika. When the two of them get together there’s always fun to be had, insanity to be seen and cute to giggle over. Please enjoy the latest installment of Kanamemo. … Continue reading

Kanamemo Chapter 26

nokternl speaking. Firstly, I want to sincerely apologize to all our loyal readers for this HUGE delay in this release. It is my fault and I take full responsibility for this slip up. That being said, I won’t give any … Continue reading

Kanamemo Chapter 25 [FIXED]

For fans of our original series, we’ve finally gotten around to releasing another chapter of Kanamemo! Edited by a brand new member of the team who goes by ToT. So everyone please take the time to thank her for the … Continue reading

Kanamemo Chapter 24

Hello! Kidk here! So I think I’m officially an editor now and hopefully I will be for a long time. ^^ I’m here to release Kanamemo!  There are crimes and lots of firsts in this chapter, but as always there’s … Continue reading

Kanamemo Chapter 23

Sorry for the long delay! We haven’t been ignoring Kanamemo in favor of others series. It had more to do with a team issue. So, now that we have that out of the way, please enjoy the latest chapter!  Just … Continue reading

Kanamemo Chapter 22

Howdy, folks? So I am your translator for Kanamemo. Kanamemo is the first series I worked on as a scanlator. I used to do digital fansubs in the old days. Of course, plenty have changed since then. Back on topic… … Continue reading