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Honey Quartet Chapter 4

Ready for the fourth installment of Honey Quartet? I am. I mean honestly… who wouldn’t be into ninjas for one, but yuri ninjas?! Enjoy another release from Kawaii Scans and thanks for standing by! Download/Read Online By: Kemeko Tokoro

Honey Quartet Chapter 3

nokternl speaking. Well, we have another release ready to go for everyone. This time it happens to be Honey Quartet Chapter 3. All I can say is ‘wow’. I enjoyed this A LOT, as it has a surprising, but not … Continue reading

Honey Quartet Chapter 2

Two releases within a couple days? Lies! Please enjoy the most recent release of Honey Quartet. I’m slightly available this weekend so I’ll do my best to get some things released. Sorry for the delay everyone and thanks to all … Continue reading

Honey Quartet Chapter 1

nokternl speaking, and this is my first post for our group. My position here at Kawaii, is a Quality Checker. And let me tell you, I have a blast QCing all the chapters that I work on, as we have … Continue reading