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Konohanatei Kitan Chapter 8 [END]

Here’s the last chapter of the beloved Konohanatei Kitan! Everyone please enjoy it and thanks so much to Kid for all the wonderful editing, Gummy for the majority of the translation and Rei for finishing up the final translations for … Continue reading

Konohanatei Kitan Chapter 7

See, I told you not to give up hope on us! We’re still working on some of our favorites… just at a much slower pace than the old days it would seem. Hehe… Everyone thank Rei-sama for taking over the … Continue reading

Kanamemo Chapter 31

Kana-chan! We miss you! Time for another cute, quirky and super-fun chapter of Kanamemo. Please enjoy it and look forward to our future releases! Oh and don’t forget to crush on Kana/Mika… even if deep down inside you know it’s wrong! … Continue reading

Twin Cake Chapter 4

Here’s chapter 4 of the super kawaii (as always with Aoi Hana!) series Twin Cake! Please enjoy it and be on the lookout for more releases from us in the future. We’re still hard at work on everything and plan … Continue reading

Rui-Rui Chapter 8

Here’s the first chapter of volume 2 of the fun series Rui-Rui. Nakedness inside! Please enjoy the release. Download/Read Online By: MAX

Renai Manga Chapter 2

Yay! Kid saves the day again with another wonderful editing job. Here’s chapter two of everyone’s favorite hikki mangaka and her biggest fan. Please enjoy the release. Once again, the only things we’ve dropped are Poor Poor Lips and Amnesian. So please … Continue reading

Miss Sunflower Chapter 10

Here’s chapter 10 of Miss Sunflower! Everyones favorite librarian and her child stalker admirer. Enjoy the release and look forward to more from us in the near future! Download/Read Online By: Manami Sugano  

Virgins Empire Chapter 10

New challengers appear… Enjoy the release and be warned there is a yaoi day dream involved! So don’t flip, you’ve been warned. Thanks to everybody who worked on this one… even when it burned our eyes. Download/Read Online By: Kishi Torajirou

Ohana Holoholo Chapter 4

Ohana Holoholo Chapter 4 is ready for your viewing pleasure. Probably the last one of the night unless something unexpected happens. So we hope you enjoyed the releases today and look forward to more! Rui-Rui 8, Virgins Empire 10, Renai … Continue reading

Otome x Ranbu Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of the series Otome x Ranbu. Thanks to Kid and the rest of the team for the diligent work on this very difficult edit. Make sure you guys thank her, she deserves it!  Please enjoy the chapter and look forward … Continue reading