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Ohana Holoholo Chapter 4

Ohana Holoholo Chapter 4 is ready for your viewing pleasure. Probably the last one of the night unless something unexpected happens. So we hope you enjoyed the releases today and look forward to more! Rui-Rui 8, Virgins Empire 10, Renai … Continue reading

Otome x Ranbu Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of the series Otome x Ranbu. Thanks to Kid and the rest of the team for the diligent work on this very difficult edit. Make sure you guys thank her, she deserves it!  Please enjoy the chapter and look forward … Continue reading

Kanamemo Chapter 30

Another chapter of Kanamemo is ready for your viewing pleasure! Please enjoy the release and await some more. Maybe even tonight! I’m getting a lot of emails about dropping projects. Fear not, we’ve not dropped anything without an announcement. Meaning only … Continue reading

It’s that time again…

We need your help! There are a number of proofreading slots and quality checking spots available, we’re always looking for experienced editors and we could actually use a translator for a couple of our current projects. If you think you … Continue reading

Ohana Holoholo Chapter 3

Chapter 3 of the series everyone secretly loves but tries to hate because they think it’s a troll. Haha, please enjoy it for what it is!!! Download/Read Online By: Shino Torino