Monthly Archives: April 2012

Tandem Lover Chapter 1

Another series from the Tsubomi collection is coming your way. I like to try and find something a little different for each of our series… This one involves mechs! Something we haven’t yet done. Until now of course. Please enjoy … Continue reading

Miss Sunflower Chapter 9

The first chapter of Volume 2! Please enjoy the release and welcome a new editor to the team and thank her for the hard work on this one. We’re looking forward to bringing you much more in the near future. Please continue … Continue reading

Mugen no Minamo ni Chapter 2

Told you Chapter 2 would follow shortly. Could have been a bit shorter if my time wasn’t getting shorter and shorter. >.> Hah. Anyways! Enjoy the chapter and thank everyone for their hard work on it! Download/Read Online By: Yuuki Takasaki