Monthly Archives: March 2012

Mugen no Minamo ni Chapter 1

Another new series. Chapter 2 to follow very shortly. Waiting on a few small changes and it’ll be ready! Chapter 3 in the proofreading stage. Hope you like it! A little change up from our usual stuff. Download/Read Online By: Yuuki … Continue reading

Otome x Ranbu Chapter 3

Here’s the third chapter of Otome x Ranbu! Please enjoy the release and look forward to more going on from us in the near future. We’re doing our very best for you! Download/Read Online By: Youko Imamura

Miss Sunflower Chapter 8

Here’s the release of chapter 8 of everyone’s favorite librarian! Please enjoy the series as this concludes the end of Volume 1. The first chapter of Volume 2 is already well underway in the editing process and will be released as soon … Continue reading

Virgins Empire Chapter 8

Here’s the newest chapter of Virgins Empire for everyone. Don’t get nervous about the lack of releases lately, we’re all hard at work on life and Kawaii, I promise! We’ve got plenty coming your way in the very near future, … Continue reading