Monthly Archives: April 2011

Konohanatei Kitan Omake

nokternl speaking. Has it been a few days yet? lol. Anyway, here it the Omake release of Konohanatei Kitan Omake as promised. I want to give everyone a fair warning about this release: IT MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS. If you don’t head … Continue reading

Konohanatei Kitan Chapter 4

  nokternl speaking. Hello again fellow readers, it is time for another Kawaii release! This time, we have our favorite fox girls to spend time with. Chapter 4 was different from the previous chapters, but we finally get to see … Continue reading

Shoujo Holic Chapter 3 [FIXED]

nokternl speaking. We have another release, for those of you following Shoujo Holic. In this enjoyable chapter, things are starting to change in Yui’s and Nagi’s friendship. I guess the question would be, “How is it changing?”. To find that out, read chapter 3 … Continue reading

Shoujo Holic Chapter 2

Time for the release of chapter 2! Really like the tone of this story thus far. I’ve gotten some odd comments about the artwork, I happen to enjoy it though! It’s very simple but at the same time enjoyable. Thanks … Continue reading