Monthly Archives: March 2011

Kanamemo Chapter 25 [FIXED]

For fans of our original series, we’ve finally gotten around to releasing another chapter of Kanamemo! Edited by a brand new member of the team who goes by ToT. So everyone please take the time to thank her for the … Continue reading

Konohanatei Kitan Chapter 3

First the conclusion of our favorite student council and now the continuation of our favorite little fox girls! Satsuki and Yuzu venture out on their “date” in this chapter. We get to see a bit about Satsuki’s past and a … Continue reading

Mousou Honey Chapter 4 [Final]

At long last, the final chapter of Mousou Honey. Sadly it only lasted four chapters. I really had high hopes for this when I first got my hands on chapter 1. I’m anxiously awaiting Mikuni-sensei’s next yuri series and hope … Continue reading

Otome x Ranbu Chapter 1

Two new series in one night? You go Kawaii! Thanks to everyone who was a part of this release. It’s a mysterious new series that is currently running in ARIA monthly. It’s about monsters, possessed swords, high school and last … Continue reading

Honey Quartet Chapter 1

nokternl speaking, and this is my first post for our group. My position here at Kawaii, is a Quality Checker. And let me tell you, I have a blast QCing all the chapters that I work on, as we have … Continue reading