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Sweet Guilty Love Bites: Sweet Guilty

At long last… Sweet Guilty. It’s the first part of a three part story by Shuninta Amano. The series follows 4 hostesses at Club Rose and their relationships. It’s directed more towards an adult audience but manages to sneak in … Continue reading

Rui-Rui Chapter 5

See how dedicated I am? I should have been in bed an hour ago! But instead I stayed up to make sure both things got released tonight! ;_; Honestly, thanks goes to the team that worked on this one. I … Continue reading

Kanamemo Chapter 24

Hello! Kidk here! So I think I’m officially an editor now and hopefully I will be for a long time. ^^ I’m here to release Kanamemo!  There are crimes and lots of firsts in this chapter, but as always there’s … Continue reading

Project Status Update

Hello everyone! Just wanted to give you a heads up on our current projects and some new upcoming projects while we’re in a little lull on the release front. We’ve also been able to add a number of very important … Continue reading

Virgins’ Empire Chapter 3

Yuri? Maybe, maybe not! But hey, there’s something there! I’m especially enjoying the relationship of AsamixIchinose. It’s so “oneesamaish!” I’m interested in seeing where the AixChie thing goes too. It seemed “meh” at first, but I like it! We get … Continue reading

Mousou Honey Chapter 2

Everybody worked really quickly to bring you another chapter of Mousou Honey since the response was so positive to chapter 1. Get ready for a huge surprise as the drama begins to grow! Please enjoy it and expect the next … Continue reading

Kanamemo Chapter 23

Sorry for the long delay! We haven’t been ignoring Kanamemo in favor of others series. It had more to do with a team issue. So, now that we have that out of the way, please enjoy the latest chapter!  Just … Continue reading

Lost Girl Oneshot

Hi, everyone! And Happy New Year!  I am the translator for Lost Girl.  I go by LinearCannon.  Nice to meet everyone.   It was my first translation and I had a great time working on it.  I hope you enjoy.  It’s … Continue reading

Mousou Honey Chapter 1

Happy New Years! Here’s our newest series, from Yuri-Hime magazine. It’s from the same mangaka who did Gokujou Drops. We hope you enjoy it! Please thank Rei, our newest member of the team for the great translation. We hope you … Continue reading