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Merry Christmas! Himawari-san 4

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you have a beautiful holiday and you get everything you wish for. ^_^ A special Merry Christmas to the Kawaii team for working so hard to get these ready in time! So, in the Holiday … Continue reading

Virgins’ Empire Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of Virgins’ Empire! Three of the girls we were introduced to in chapter 1 return. It’s a rather short chapter, but there’s a “yuri-ish” scene  to start the chapter between Ayano and Miyoshi. Stripping for someone in a … Continue reading

Rui-Rui Chapter 4

You thought Mana was perverted… wait until you meet the club advisor, Izami. You can really see the teacher/student bond between the two of them. X_X There’s also Kureha, and there’s only one word to describe her… cuuute! We’re still … Continue reading

Kanamemo Chapter 22

Howdy, folks? So I am your translator for Kanamemo. Kanamemo is the first series I worked on as a scanlator. I used to do digital fansubs in the old days. Of course, plenty have changed since then. Back on topic… … Continue reading

Translators Needed

We’re actively searching for translators. We have both future and current projects that are in need of help. We’re also willing to take on new projects if there’s something in particular you’re interested in translating. (As long as it’s yuri … Continue reading

Himawari-san Chapter 3

Two bits of good new on Himawari-san today! First obviously the release…a new admirer has appeared and Himawari seems to have taken some sort of interest in her. Matsuri notices it too, but the girl and her are connected so … Continue reading

Virgins’ Empire Chapter 1

A bit more “adult” than our usual releases. But don’t be fooled, there’s as many breasts and nipples in Amnesian as this. It’s not H or anything. It’s the language that’s more mature than our usual releases. It reminds me … Continue reading

The Kawaii Reader

We’ve received some complaints about people having problems opening files and other miscellaneous request concerning the same issues. We’ve also been hounded by a number of people to share our releases with other communities and allow them to be hosted … Continue reading

To Have Been Born, To Have Met You one-shot

I decided to squeeze this one in before bed! Great work by the whole crew on this one. Everyone did a good job. ^_^ Thanks to the anon from /u/ who pointed this out. I really enjoy doing stuff like … Continue reading