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Kanamemo Chapter 21

It’s time for another chapter of our very first series, Kanamemo! This is one of the sweeter more gentle chapters in the series. It’s sure to put a smile and anyones face. Mai, once again with the translation. Lulu with … Continue reading

Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian Chapter 10

“Also just gotta state my overall impression of chapter 9 and 10: Rape rape, random psycho lesbian dies, raperaperape.” “With so much good yuri left unscanlated and you’re wasting your talents on this?” That’s all we’re going to say! *awaits … Continue reading

Rui-Rui Chapter 3

Every group has an initiation process… but this one involves stripping. Plus you can’t forget about the upskirt camera action going on here. >.> Oh! and before I forget. I’d like to welcome two new staff members to the team, … Continue reading

Chocolate one-shot.

Happy Thanksgiving! Since it’s all about the food today, how about a release titled Chocolate? Maybe a chocolate pie? >.> It’s a cute one-shot I found on /u/ and decided to scanlate. You can find the artist’s other works here, … Continue reading

Quality Checkers Needed

We’re in desperate need of quality checkers and we need your help! We’re looking for people who have done QC work before, but don’t let it stop you from applying if you have no experience. As of now we only … Continue reading

Kanamemo Chapter 20

First let’s all welcome our newest staffer, Arima Lulu. She’s going to be taking over the editing of Kanamemo for me. This is her first edit for Kawaii so be sure and thank her! Now onto the chapter! Saki is … Continue reading

Sweet Guilty Love Bites

This is just an announcement. We’ll officially be picking “Sweet Guilty Love Bites” by Shuninta Amano up. AudioErotica will be providing scans for the series. A new friend, Ma-chan, will be doing the translations for us. Expect frequent updates on … Continue reading

Himawari-san Chapter 2

The story of the lovely librarian continues. It looks like she’s starting to lighten up a little too! Sorry for the delay on this one! Thanks to /u/ Anon once again for the translation. They requested to remain nameless. Please … Continue reading

Himawari-san Chapter 1

Himawari-san Chapter 1 from Comic Alive is our surprise release tonight! Thanks to an Anon from /u/ for the translation. If you want proper credit please contact me, I would be glad to accommodate you! Please enjoy the release and … Continue reading

Kanamemo Chapter 19

Kanamemo finally gets dirty! KanaX…UGH rape scene, Mika likes to watch and Haruka is a zoophile. Scared off yet? Well don’t be, it’s not as bad as it sounds… I promise! Enjoy the release from us! We might need a … Continue reading